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Monday Update

Hello friends, and happy Monday. I've been relatively quiet over the last week, mostly just caught up with the release of Ornamental which has been phenomenal, and I'm so thrilled that people have fallen for Raf and Luke as much as I have.

After finishing Scarification and debating about putting an end to the Irons and Works series, I realized that a piece of my heart would always be in Fairfield, and I'll probably never entirely let go.

For now, though, the next installment won't be coming until 2023, but I hope it'll be worth the wait. For those of you who got the book, make sure you scroll past the end so you can get the first look at the cover for Tenderfoot.

This week I am working on (and hope to be finishing) my first book in the Sin Bin hockey series spin-off. The Sin Bin: West Coast is a series featuring members of the Denver Huskies hockey team. And yes, I know they're not west coast, but there are plenty of jokes which makes the series title make sense ;)

I don't have an exact release date on that yet, but I promise as soon as I get it finished and off to editing, I will let you know!

I'm also currently prepping line drive, and if you take a look in the Books tab of my website, you can get a sneak peek of that, which is coming July 20th.

However, I have another surprise in store for you. A stand-alone, emotional, second chance romance featuring two high school lovers torn apart by circumstance and reunited 20 years later. The pre-order for Safe and Sound is coming in 2 weeks, so make sure you keep an eye out. Newsletter subscribers will get the first look with an exclusive excerpt, so make sure you're signed up.

I will also have GRL stuff coming up soon, with order forms and swag requests for anyone who is going to make it. It's in Portsmouth, VA this year and I will be there with my bff Kiki Clark signing books and hanging out, so I hope I get to see all of you.

Anyway, that's it for now. I will be away for the first half of June sending my middle kiddo off to his first steps of adulthood and then dealing with how utterly unprepared I was for that haha. I hope you're all doing well and enjoying these last few bits of spring.

Take care and happy reading!

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