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Tidal Wave


Gunner has spent half his life running from his past, and the other half trying to protect himself from ever being vulnerable again. He’s escaped his old club and worked hard to earn the VP patch on his cut after joining the Broken Chains. But his entire life is turned upside down when Gunner’s past comes back to haunt him, and the club’s Deaf delivery guy ends up at the wrong place at the wrong time.

And ignoring him is damn near impossible when every time he looks at Logan, he starts to feel something. Gunner doesn’t think he has the power to resist him for much longer.

There will be no promise of a future though, if the Broken Chains can’t protect Logan from the mess he’s in, but even if they succeed, Gunner isn’t sure there’s a place for Logan in his world.

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The last thing Smokey should let himself want is this man, but he can’t seem to stay away…

Every time Smokey stares at the President patch on his cut, he feels like an imposter. But thirty years later and the fate of the Broken Chains resting on his shoulders, all eyes were on him.

Now there’s a dead man in an alley with a cut bearing the name of The Cobras, and Smokey knows they’re not prepared to handle the consequences.

Especially since the only witness is a civilian.

Now Eliah’s in Smokey’s home, hiding from the men who want him dead, and Smokey’s trying to keep his heart from tripping and falling for a man he shouldn’t want while learning who is trying to set his club up to start a full on war.

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Broken Wings


The universe has plans for the Broken Chains Road Captain when his President sends him on a mission to escort the rabbi, Jude Burns, who is now under the protection of their club. Kicks doesn’t want a babysitting job, but he’s not sure what to think when he’s faced with a mouthy, stubborn man who seems far more sinner than saint.

Kicks has never in his life felt more tempted to break his promise to keep away from civilians, because this man’s vulnerability feels like power.

And when Kicks falls to his knees and asks him to stay, Jude finds it’s almost impossible to tell him no.

Even if it means walking into the line of fire to save a man with ragged, broken wings.

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Hawke doesn’t talk about his past—and it’s not because he has a stutter that rarely lets him speak more than three words at a time.

The shadows of what was haunt his every waking hour, but the Broken Chains MC have been a sanctuary he never expected.

And Hawke is the sort of man who knows better than to cross lines, especially when it comes to the safety of his brothers.

But when Jax, the VP of the Cobras, looks at him like he’s a whole man instead of shattered pieces of the person he was before he left his home behind, he can’t help but want to be just a little bit wicked.

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Rising Tide


Once upon a time, Ghost was the best enforcer the Reapers MC had ever known—until the Hydra appeared and destroyed everything he’d worked for.

But no matter how far he's run, or how many things about himself he's changed, Nate has come to realize he will never be able to escape the man he was. Ugly monsters have risen from the ashes of everything he burned down, and now they're threatening his future.

For Rory, Nate’s willing to be reckless. For Rory, Nate’s willing to take every single one of Hydra’s hits. For Rory, Nate’s willing to do anything.

And in spite of their age difference, and in spite of their history, they can survive this rising tide.

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