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Eight Dates


With a brother like this, who needs enemies?

Ben Weiss is perfectly fine on his own, thank you very much. After his last failed relationship, he doesn’t need the drama. But his brother has decided to play matchmaker this year and has set him up with eight blind dates, one for each night of Chanukah.

And with eight in a row, there has to be one decent guy in the lot…right?

With Ben’s luck, apparently not. From a date that bites, to one rude to the server, to the guy who brought along his mom, every single one has been a nightmare. Ben’s ready to give up on love for good, adopt a cat, and call it a day.

But there’s one bright light in Ben’s week he hasn’t expected in the form of Nova, the adorable, kind-hearted bartender who’s come to his rescue every time a date has gone wrong. And while Ben’s not sure he believes in holiday miracles, he’s starting to think that each bad date has brought him closer to the happily ever after he was always meant to have.

Can someone fall in love in eight nights? In Ben’s case, during a wild string of bad luck, the answer might still be yes.

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It starts with a mugging, and ends with me being saved by the love of my life.

In short, my uncle died and left me everything—which is to say a barely surviving pub with no staff and thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs I can’t afford. It also seemed to come with some strange men, dressed in black, who won’t tell me what they’re looking for—or why they seem so interested in who I am.

But when the tall stranger who walked with a cane and talked with an accent literally saved my life, things got a bit more…interesting.

And a lot more complicated.

I’ve lived in the city long enough to know some secrets are best left buried, but the longer Alonso is around, the harder I fall for those dark eyes and jagged scars. I want to believe that the past is the past, but is there a future with a man who won’t let me in? And if he does open up, will I be able to accept who he was, and everything he’s done?

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Nothing to Lose


Once upon a time, in a small seaside town, a happy man living a happy life brings other people joy with his delicious bakes.

And then a storm cloud moves in next door, and suddenly things are...different.

A war between them is brewing, like a hurricane offshore, and if Peyton isn't careful, Hudson is going to sweep him into the raging waters like a tsunami.

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Safe and Sound

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Twenty years after losing his hearing and being convicted of a crime he didn't commit, Regan Moulin is certain of exactly two things: One, that life will always be full of pain, and two, he will always be in love with his childhood best friend, Isaac McKinnon.

It doesn't matter that circumstance tore them apart, or that he hasn't spoken to Isaac since they were nineteen. He still loves him.

He's just learned how to survive without him.

But a few weeks into winter, a familiar face rolls into town—one that threatens to completely disrupt Regan’s life by offering him the cruelest thing he can possibly think of: Hope.

Isaac thrived exactly the way Regan expected him to, and he wasn’t supposed to show back up in their crappy little hometown with open arms, and a heart that still aches for Regan.

He wasn’t supposed to still want him.

He wasn’t supposed to be the only thing in the world that can still make Regan feel safe and sound.

But here he is, with all their childhood promises of forever cupped gently between both hands, and for the first time in Regan's life, within reach.

Like Water Catching Fire

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"He was like if water caught fire—a beautiful anomaly. It was gorgeous. Danny wanted to exist inside that explosion and let himself be consumed by it."

There are a certain kind of people who were meant to become rich, but Danny Zhou isn’t one of them. He’s a simple man with simple tastes. In life he’s only ever wanted a few things:

A house.
Maybe a dog.
He wouldn’t say no to a white picket fence.
And a gorgeous husband wouldn’t hurt.

But the sudden explosion of his delivery app changed his life, and not for the good.

Returning home with a shattered heart and a full bank account, Danny starts the search for a life with substance, and takes up his old post as a volunteer fire fighter. He’s not sure what to expect, but it’s most definitely not Jamie Kane, the gorgeous, Deaf fire fighter with a chip on his shoulder the size of Texas, and seems to hate the very sight of him.

Danny knows he shouldn’t look at that man and see a future there. Men like Jamie are not men for happily ever afters. But something in his dark eyes says to keep trying. Something in his strong, careful hands says Jamie is definitely worth the fire, even if Danny gets burned.

Heartbeat Repeat


“If he could keep Avery’s eyes on him, just for a few moments, he’d give up everything he had.”

It’s a deal he didn’t mean to take. It’s a deal he had no intention of making, but Avery realizes that being the kept man of millionaire Alejandro Santos isn’t too good to be true. He will, in fact, have every material thing he could ever want.

The only catch is Alejandro's single rule: be there when Alejandro asks for him.

Oh, and there’s one other thing. Don’t fall in love.

It seems easy enough considering Alejandro isn’t the nicest man in the world. He’s difficult to like, let alone love. But Avery’s heart is almost as foolish as the rest of him, and it does the unthinkable. It trips and falls over itself the moment he realizes his days with Alejandro are almost up.

There’s on a short time left before Avery’s going to be let go, and he knows he has to make the best of it. After all, he’s definitely not enough for Alejandro to change his mind and bring down those walls that keep him from ever having feelings for another man.


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"I’m madly, irrevocably in love with a man I met on the streets one night, and if I get a second chance, I plan to make sure I spend every day reminding him just how absolutely loved and cherished he is.”

By the time he turned twenty-nine, Alexei Gurgov has managed to put his dark past behind him. Running a bookshop and living a quiet life in London, he has very few expectations. He may be lonely, but alone means nothing can hurt him. Alone means there's no one in his life to abandon him.

Then one night, he's mugged in an alley, and his life is irrevocably changed.

Instead of going to the police, Alexei tracks down the mugger and learns he’s merely a starving man trying to get by. Offering him a job and a place to stay, Alexei is determined to help make it right. After all, he knows better than anyone what it's like to struggle.

The one thing he doesn’t expect, however, is to fall for his sudden flatmate, even if it seems like August his hiding something from his past.

When all the chips fall, will this be his own version of a storybook romance, or are they star-crossed lovers, determined to burn bright and fall apart?

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Forget Me Not


There are certain things Elijah expects from his life:

A graduate degree.
A solid career.
An attractive husband and a nice house.

So when he finds himself stripping at a club, he’s not quite sure where it all went upside down. And he’s not quite sure if things are about to go right side up when a ridiculously rich man comes to him with a proposition he can’t turn down.

It’s everything Elijah has ever dreamed of, and Mason’s rules are too easy to follow. After all, how hard is it not to fall in love with your sugar daddy?

But things take a turn when Elijah opens his eyes one day and realizes he’s lost the last three years of his life. And he’s not sure what he’s supposed to do when the ridiculously hot man at his bedside says they’re nothing.

After all, you don’t look at someone who means nothing to you with that much love in your eyes…

…do you?

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Paper Swans


They’ve spent years sharing everything with each other.

First kisses.
And quiet promises.

But the one thing Domenico will never be is Shiloh’s. It’s a cruel fate, but it’s one Shiloh can live with so long as Dom is happy. So long as they never stop being friends. But when Shiloh asks Dom to go as his date to a costume party, he realizes his best friend is going to discover a few things about him he’s never told anyone. A few things he’s afraid to say aloud to himself.

While Shiloh doesn’t think Dom will abandon him, it might just change the dynamic of who they are, and that’s not something he’s sure he’s willing to live with.

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Endless Forever


“…that’s the thing. I never had a chance. I was always yours.”

Oliver Sasaki has a comfortable life. Having escaped an oppressive childhood in London, he’s now on the sunny coast of Southern California, working on his graduate degree, and taking care of his younger sibling.

And he has it all worked out:

No dating.

No commitments.

Only fun.

Then he meets Gabriel Bensaïd, the adorable barista who turns his entire world upside down. But just as he’s learning what it means to be loved without conditions- that happiness really can last- everything falls apart.

Oliver knows love isn't enough to save him from himself, but in the end he has to believe- for his sake and for Gabriel's- there's an endless forever to be found.

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