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Free Hand


It begins on a rainy night, trapped in an ATM vestibule.

Derek Osbourne’s life is ruled by a carefully cultivated routine, and there’s no room for change. A tattoo artist at Irons and Works, Derek spends his days hunched over a chair, and his nights pouring his trauma onto a canvas. And that’s all he has time for.

So, when a storm knocks out the power and he’s trapped with the ridiculously hot Deaf florist who just moved in across the street, he’s not sure what to do with himself. Derek owes Basil for keeping his panic at bay while they waited for the doors to open, but he’s not sure there’s room for more than friendship. With Basil’s hesitance to date a hearing man, and Derek still dealing with the trauma his abusive father left behind, happily ever after seems like it’s just a dream.

But Derek finds it difficult to stay away, and the more Basil sticks around, the more Derek starts to wonder if he might be worthy of love.

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Blank Canvas


The last thing in the world Samuel Braga ever thought he be doing is fighting to keep his daughter.

When a spinal cord injury prevents Sam from following his career in football, he flees his home in Alaska and finds himself working at a tattoo shop with an old friend. It’s not the life he imagined, especially when he ends up getting custody of his cousin’s baby, but soon Maisy and work become his entire world.

Then the retired NHL player Niko Pagonis rolls into town.

Niko is effortlessly charming and incredibly good looking—and he’s interested in Sam. But Niko couldn’t have showed up at a worse time. DCS has been making Sam jump through hoops to keep his daughter, and it’s starting to look like he might lose the case.

Sam doesn’t have time for romance, especially with a man who would never understand that Sam’s daughter has to come first. But as things get harder, and Niko doesn’t back away, Sam starts to wonder if maybe love really can withstand the worst the universe has to offer.

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American Traditional


Only a lucky few meet their soulmates—and for Sage Osbourne, loving and losing him came all at once.

Sage couldn’t be more different from his twin brother Derek. They suffered under the same cruel father, but Sage managed to escape just before hitting rock bottom, and that was where met the love of his life. Unfortunately, just as he was starting to think in terms of forever, Teddy was taken from him. Terrified to try again, Sage found a home at the Irons and Works tattoo shop and resigned himself to being alone. After all, that was a lot better than the crushing grief that came with loss.

And then Will Rahman smiled at him across his café counter, and Sage’s world began to rearrange.

Tasked with tutoring Will’s little sister, Sage gets closer to the man than he intends to, and he’s torn in half when he realizes Will is in an abusive relationship. He wants to help, but his fear of loving and losing keeps getting in his way. Sage isn’t the kind of man who takes brave leaps, but the longer he spends with Will, the more he realizes that the other man might be worth it. Even if it means risking his heart one more time.

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No one taught James to hate himself better than the God-fearing preacher who called himself his father.

After losing his legs in an accident during basic training, James leaves both the military life and his past behind him and starts fresh at Irons and Works. He’s the kind of man who always has a smile, even on the worst days, and never hesitates to pick up strangers in a bar. But James’ reputation his covering up a very important secret—and only one of his friends knows.

James Gossett is a virgin.

He can’t escape the years of listening to his father’s hateful words and promises of hell for homosexuality, but all James wants is to finally have sex and get it over with. And when he sets eyes on Sam’s attractive custody lawyer, Rowan Balk, he realizes he has an in. Rowan wants him, but he’s made it clear to James that it can only be physical—and that works perfectly for him.

What neither of them expect is a spark. What neither of them expect is to trip and fall into feelings they were so desperately trying to avoid. Rowan isn’t staying in town, and James isn’t the sort of man who chases, so why does it feel like his heart is being carved out at the thought of Rowan leaving for good?

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Stick and Poke


Wyatt Adley has dealt with his fair share of disaster.

A cheating husband…
A scandal at his workplace…
And a family who doesn’t believe that he’s capable of independence in spite of the fact that was born blind and has never known anything else.

And while running away might not solve his problems, Wyatt knows his only chance at happiness is getting some space.

He settles in a sleepy little town just outside of Denver, renting a small house from the local mechanic. It’s there he meets Mat, a tattoo artist with a lasting TBI and a voice that makes Wyatt want to sit and listen to him for hours.

Wyatt falls quickly and deeply, but there’s one problem: Mat is straight.

At least, that’s what everyone tells him. But something doesn’t quite fit with that narrative, and the more time Wyatt spends with Mat, teaching him braille and bad French pick-up lines, the more he starts to wonder if there’s something more to the enigmatic man who clawed his way up from nothing.

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Missing his dominant hand and half his face covered in scars, Miguel Ruiz can kiss his dreams of a happy future goodbye. He resigns himself to a life of servitude in a badly run club until one day, a tattoo artist in a random bar sees both talent and a future in the scarred artist.

He makes an offer Miguel would be a fool to turn down, and Miguel decides it’s finally time to start living for himself, even with the ten tons of baggage he’s carrying on his shoulders. If anyone in the world can understand secrets, it’s Amit Baqri.

Growing up bisexual, Deaf, and femme in a conservative Muslim family, Amit keeps his true self close to his chest. He’s spent most of his life conforming to others from the way he communicates to the way he presents himself to others, but the weight of it all is starting to crush him. He understands his familial obligations—taking care of his mother is his top priority, and his sisters are second.

But when Amit sets eyes on the gorgeous tattoo artist with one hand and a waterfall of scars, his life is suddenly turned upside down. Will Amit and Miguel find a way to shed the weight of their pasts to be happy together, or will assumptions and expectations leave them forever trapped in a closet of their own making?

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“I meant it when I said I love you. I was afraid I wouldn’t know it when I finally felt it, but I do.”

No last names.
No second dates.
No staying over.

Those three hook-up rules are only things keeping new tattoo artist, Micah, afloat in his love life, because without them, he’ll spiral. His BPD doesn’t define who he is, but it makes him love hard, and love fast. It makes him burn bright, until everything around him is consumed. He has his job at Irons and Works and his friendship with the other artists to keep him centered, and the rest is just… details.

But when a gorgeous man in a rumpled polo with the weight of the world on his shoulders walks into a bar one Thursday night, everything that holds Micah’s routine together is tested. Because the moment Ryan opens his mouth, Micah wants.

But Ryan’s life is just as complicated, if not more so.

Micah’s willing to bend the rules for him, but Ryan isn’t able to offer more than their Thursday night hook-ups, and he has no plans to tell Micah why.

For the first time in his life, Micah wants to fight to keep what he has, he just needs to know that Ryan is willing to give him something worth fighting for.



It wasn’t that Luke was unhappy at Irons and Works. After all, that was his home, his family, his safety.

But watching everyone around him fall in love was a bit much when every single relationship he’d tried to maintain fell to pieces. Was he just unlucky, or was there something about him that was just fundamentally unlovable?

What Luke doesn’t expect in answer is an older man with greying hair and eyes that look like they’ve seen into the core of the earth.

What he doesn’t expect is for Tony to introduce everyone to his half-brother.

And what he most definitely doesn’t expect is for that man to zero in on Luke, and decide—whether Luke likes it or not—that he’s the only thing in the shop he actually wants.

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