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Kane Winters had it easy once.

Rich parents.
Silver spoon.
Everything at his disposal.

But years of living with an abusive partner causes him to spiral, and his temper lands him in prison. Years later, upon his return to Fairfield, Kane is not only facing a life of starting over with a felony on his record, but also the idea that he will always be cold, alone, and unloved.

Then, in the middle of a storm, a random stranger pulls to the side of the road and changes his life for good.

But Kane isn’t sure he’s capable of taking a leap for Soren, even if he seems to be the only man who will ever understand him. He wants love, but he’s not sure he’s ever going to feel like he deserves it.

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Marcel has never wanted to be anything more than average.

A husband,
A house with a picket fence.
Maybe a dog.

But all of that has always seemed so far out of his reach. His parents forced wild expectations on him, expecting him to climb mountains as a blind man. Then, when his husband has an affair and sticks him with a scandal, Marcel flees from Canada to Fairfield, Colorado to rebuild. He’s determined to focus on himself, but a gorgeous stranger throws a wrench in those plans.

Marcel desperately wants him, but he knows Colton is too young for middle aged man like him, Colton’s too inexperienced, and Marcel’s heart is too fragile.

Although Colton insists he knows what he’s getting into, Marcel isn’t sure he’s ready to trust again. He wants to believe Colton’s promises, but he’s struggling to see the light at the end of his very long tunnel.

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Arlo is the kind of man whose entire life has been planned out for him.

A military career.
A wife and kids.
And constant deference to his father.

But Arlo knows that’s not a future he can live up to. Accepting his walking papers, Arlo escapes to Fairfield, Colorado to avoid the pressures of his father’s political career and is determined to start over. He’s seen the worst the military can do, and he’s determined to do his part in helping… and maybe ignoring some quiet things in the back of his mind he’s never wanted to face.

Then, on a rainy night, everything changes with an emergency trip to the veterinarian’s office.

As a wounded vet, Elliot understands what it’s like to live a civilian life better than anyone. He also understands the pressing loneliness Arlo experiences. And it begins to spark feelings in Arlo he’s unprepared for, but Arlo isn’t sure he’s ready to accept the reality of his situation.

Arlo wants and Elliot is willing, but both men know that the path to a happily ever after will not be an easy one.

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