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Shades of Lust

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“The path to paradise begins in hell.”
― Dante Alighieri

On a small path leading to nowhere sits a looming cathedral, once-abandoned, now hosting the most dangerous of pleasures.

And Stone Brice is the most dangerous of all: Lust. A former acrobat, Stone’s life was changed dramatically after an accident, and now he runs The Carnal Tower, a place where people can go to have their deepest and sometimes darkest fantasies realized.

Stone is a man who is rarely taken by surprise, so when he meets the artist, August Ashley, he doesn’t expect to trip and fall at his feet—literally. But there’s something about the quiet stranger in the park that Stone wants to take apart, and that feeling only gets worse the more Stone gets to know him.

Stone is well aware he can’t mix business and pleasure, but when August comes to him with a proposal for a trade—seven paintings for seven nights with Lust—he can’t say no. Not when it means he’ll be able to have August exactly the way he wants him—even if it’s just for a week.

Stone has every plan to strip August down to his very soul, but the longer the week goes on, the more Stone comes to realize that August might very well be his undoing.

Waiting on Forever


“Heat cannot be separated from fire, nor beauty from the Eternal.”
-Dante Alighieri

Of all the Sins, Sloth is the most deceptive. A baby face and a disarming smile hides the dangerous pleasures lurking beneath.

Jet Denton has always been the sort of person who knows what life will offer.


Blinded as a teen, Jet quickly accepted that life was what you make of it, and that’s how he handles all his clients: delicate care at arm’s length, with a power he relinquishes to no one.

And then he meets Taylor.

There shouldn’t be anything special or appealing about the nervous photographer, but Jet can’t seem to stay away. Taylor is everything he’s ever wanted, and it’s in those still, quiet moments Jet realizes that for this man, he may just be willing to wait forever.

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Taste of Greed


"If the present world go astray;
the cause is in you;
in you it is to be sought."
-Dante Alighieri

King doesn't speak about his past, and with good reason. Who wants to waste time talking about their experience behind bars when there are sins to indulge in? King turns Greed into an art form, and his reputation for bringing people to their knees is unmatched.

While King has a protective streak a mile wide, he also keeps his distance from the other Sins, and everyone else at the Tower. After all, he can't lose anyone if he doesn't let himself get attached.

Then, King's resolve cracks when the Tower's beloved receptionist is attacked. Hen deserves better than to be kept at arm's length, and King will always live with the guilt that he wasn't fast enough to stop the events that night.

Although he'll never be good enough for his precious, glitter-wearing, lipstick loving friend, King does know one thing: he will do everything in his power to ensure nothing like that ever happens again. No matter what it takes, or who he has to hurt along the way.

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Spark of Wrath


“From a little spark may burst a mighty flame.” - Dante Alighieri

He is Wrath—and always will be. His anger knows no bounds, rooted deep in his soul and he would be nothing without it.

Flint has come to terms with his future, and the sort of man he is.

…and alone.

Except there was a man who left as quickly as he’d come into Flint’s life. Tragedy struck and Flint’s waited three long years with nothing but silence.

Then, when he least expects it, Tomás returns, and with him, a promise for more. But there are conditions, because half of Tomás’s heart belongs to another man—one Flint will have to learn to accept if he ever wants a happily ever after.

And while Flint is willing to share, the more time he spends with Luke, the more he realizes his cold, tired heart might have room for one more.

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