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One mistake: Victor got into the wrong car.
One decision: Oliver didn’t kick him out.
One lie: neither of them knows who the other person is— at least, not until it’s too late to turn back.

There are many words for what Oliver does for a living, and none of them are very kind.

But Oliver’s time in that industry is nearly at an end, so when a gorgeous older man with sad eyes tumbles into his path, Oliver finds it impossible turn him away.

Victor looks at him like he’s an angel, even when Oliver feels like a devil, but he knows better than to hope. After all, men like them are only ever destined for star-crossed love.

But as months of separation carry on, Oliver realizes that maybe he really is willing to fight for what he wants.

And, more importantly, for who.

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Most of You


There he was…

Wearing glasses.
Chopping wood like some kind of fantasy lumberjack.

And Emil was officially helpless.

Moving to the East Coast, Emil was there for two things exactly: to become a better person, and to face the part of his past he’d spent his entire life avoiding.

He most certainly hadn't planned on falling in love.

It was one thing to sleep with his absurdly hot neighbor for a single, steamy one-night-stand, but it was quite another to become friends. And the longer Emil knows Renzo, the harder it is to walk away.

However, Emil has no faith in his ability to change, no matter how hard he tries, and he just wishes Renzo would believe him. He just wishes the man would stop giving him hope that behind those soft kisses was everything he’d ever wanted, and more.

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