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Monday Updates

Hello friends, I'm back! It's been a hellish couple of weeks, but things are finally starting to calm down, so I'm able to breathe a little bit again. At least for a few days lol.

I wanted to drop a quick couple of updates here for you since I won't be on a TON this week, but I do have plenty of stuff going on for April.

First of all, there will be NO April Fool's jokes. I actually have extreme anxiety about practical jokes so I never, ever participate in them. So you won't see me teasing you here about anything that isn't true.

On that note, I'm having a $0.99 sale on Nothing To Lose, which is now wide for the first time. It's on sale on all platforms and almost all marketplaces so feel free to snag that!

Knowing You has been sent out to ARC readers and is currently in proofs for the final upload. I also have the paperback cover with my cover designer so those should be up hopefully soon. The Single Dads series is also getting illustrated special edition covers as well. I just got my first sketch for Lane and Bowen and I can't wait.

I will be doing special signed paperbacks for them as well, and my Ream Members will get a discount. Please remember international shipping is expensive and because of that they won't be exclusive. They will be available on Amazon, just not signed.

I am currently working on my Super Secret Summer Project which will be some point, I'm not sure when. I can tell you that mine is an angsty (surprise surprise) second chance romance which I'm really excited to share.

As for personal stuff, Mr. L and I just got back from a short DC trip which was a way to sort of unwind from all the other not-so-fun-stuff that happened over the last week and a half. We didn't do the Cherry Blossom Festival or the National Mall (because why would we subject ourselves to that madness lol) But our hotel had gorgeous tulips and cherry blossoms, and we went to the National Harbor to ride the big Capital Wheel and have lunch and shop (my favorite things). I bought way too much candy and tons of treats for my kiddos, and got home before noon yesterday so I had plenty of time for a nap.

I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend. I hope my trans friends had a lovely Trans Visibility Day yesterday, and for those of you who celebrated, hope you had a happy Easter.

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