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Fine Line


Paris is pretty sure it doesn’t get worse than being forced to listen to his hot Deaf neighbor having a very good time with his FWB.


And to make matters worse, Ben is one of the nicest guys he’s has ever met. He makes Paris want things he’s never allowed himself to want.

Paris moved across the country to start work at the new Irons and Works shop in Key Largo for a fresh start, but that wasn’t supposed to involve falling for the adorable, shy motel owner.

It wasn’t supposed to involve allowing himself to be vulnerable for the first time in his life. But helpless against Ben’s charms, Paris wants to flay himself open and let himself be overwhelmed.

There’s a fine line between hope and reality, and Paris will give anything for Ben to have the patience to wait as he learns how to cross it.

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Heavy Hand


Max isn’t pathetic. Really. He’s not.

He just gets a little too attached sometimes when hot guys pay him extra attention.

And Jeremiah seems different than all of Max’s other hookups in the past…

Until Max wakes up in a hotel room with nothing more than a note thanking him for a good time.

But when he learns Jeremiah owns the restaurant next door to Irons and Works, it seems nothing more than inevitable when they run into each other again. And it’s depressingly predictable when Max finds himself falling for the stoic blind man who made it clear from the start that he doesn’t want a relationship.

Max usually takes life with a grain of salt—letting the world ebb and flow around him with an open heart and heavy hand—but for the first time in his life, he’s found something worth fighting for.

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Cover Up

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Felix has a major problem.

He’s pining.

Well, pining might not be the right word for how he feels about the absurdly hot, one-armed chef who works next door, but it’s close enough.

Felix doesn’t have high hopes for romance, though. Not with the fact that his face blindness means every time he looks at Deimos, it’s like he’s seeing him for the first time. After all, who would want a relationship with a man who couldn’t pick him out of a crowd?

But that’s not his actual problem. Felix learns he needs to see his terrible family for his grammy’s funeral, and Dei has offered to go along to act like his boyfriend.

And God help him, but Felix can’t bring himself to say no.

But hey, what’s a little emotional torture when he gets to pretend Dei is his for a little while?

It seems that Dei has softer, kinder plans for Felix’s heart than to torture it, however—and Felix quickly learns there’s no way to cover up being in love. Dei’s words of affection are powerful, and Felix realizes the only thing in the world he wants is to let Dei in.

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