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Despite finding success in his career, the BrewBiz Deaf Café owner's love life is another story. Because Caleb's longest relationship just came to a screeching halt when his ex cheated.

Then dumped him.
And the video of it went viral.

Resigned to his fate of being famous only because the world saw his public humiliation, Caleb turns sour and bitter. It's easy to hide his feelings after that, and it's even easier to ignore what his heart really wants: the new hire who's so anxious, he jumps at his own shadow.

It also doesn’t help that Bodhi is too young, too good looking, and too sweet for a man like Caleb to ever deserve him.
Especially when Caleb's been nothing but terrible to him from the moment they met.

But there's more to Bodhi's story than meets the eye, and he might just be the man who can teach Caleb the meaning of love without strings. Love without expectations.

And the kind of love that leads to real happily ever afters.

London Fog

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Part owner of the BrewBiz Deaf Café, Wren might not be the most self-aware man, but he does know a few important things he won’t compromise on.

No relationships.
No commitments.
No complications.

Then Percy shows up fresh from the UK and stumbles right into Wren’s path. Literally.

Percy is obscenely good looking, and since Wren never denies himself, he pursues Percy, and that one night rocks his world.

Now Wren doesn’t want to let Percy go, and that feeling threatens to upend the very core of his identity. So, Wren does what he does best.

He panics.
He ruins things.
And leaves Percy in shambles.

But he’s immediately filled with regret. Chasing Percy away is the last thing he wants, so he turns to his found family who show him that he doesn’t have to fit inside a box to be who he is. He can have what he wants and not lose everything he’s come to accept about himself.

If only he didn’t realize that after hurting Percy. His only hope now is a big apology, and praying that it wasn’t too little too late.

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