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Time For An Update!

This is long overdue, I know. It's been a hectic few months, some good, some bad- but nothing new about that lol!

The family and I are officially settled in our new home which has been nice. I have my office the way I like it, and Mr. L has his. One of my kiddos is returning home, and one of my kiddos is setting off on his own adventure in the next month or so. Youngest just had her prom and I'm trying to emotionally prepare myself for having three adult children.

I told myself this year I planned to slow down, so of course the first thing I did was sign up for three summer events in addition to my solo writing schedule AND my co-writing schedule. No regrets, but also maybe a few regrets.

I also ended up signing with more than one book signing event for 2025 which is wild since going out in public isn't the easiest for me. But I am looking forward to meeting everyone, and to traveling. It's been on my list to visit Canada, so Mr. L and I will be making a short vacation out of the Love and Romance In Toronto signing.

At the end of the post, I will add links for every event so if y'all are in the area, you can come see me!

But back to the update...

Speaking of co-writes, Nora Phoenix and I are getting ready to release Creek, the first in our Honorably Discharged series. It's going to be an emotionally angsty, steamy, swoony series revolving around a group of men on the West Coast trying to find their place in life after leaving the Army. We've finished book one and I'm already so eager to get started on the rest of the guys. All of them are precious to me and Nora and I can't wait to give them their happily ever afters.

The cover reveal for Creek is coming May 31st so keep an eye out on mine and Nora's newsletter for that!

I'm also currently working on Priest, the second book of the Trident Agency with Kiki Clark. You'll get to hear more about that in a few weeks because I managed to convince Kiki to come stay with me for a few days this June! We're planning to do a FB live in our groups one of the days she's here so feel free to pop over to the Liaison or Kiki's Korner. We'll be making a post soon where you can drop questions in case you can't make it to the live event.

In other book news, Resisting You, the second single dads book is getting ready to go live on Amazon! I'm so excited for these two. It's STEAMY, swoony, full of hate-sex and enemies to lovers with a little sprinkle of voyeurism and maybe even a little fun times under the office desk. It's coming to kindle on the 24th, so feel free to grab your preorder now, or bookmark to grab it in KU.

On the note of single dads, Knowing You is also being translated into German! Ich sehe dich will be here sometime this summer, and is already on preorder.

Words We Never Said was also picked up by Podium Audio, and Kirt Graves has been contracted to narrate Knowing You. I don't have dates on that but I will be posting them when I do. The audio will be up for preorder sometime in the next few months.

Finally, the BrewBiz series is officially on a long hiatus. My sensitivity reader for Jori's story is on medical leave until sometime next year, so I've decided to postpone until they're back to work. Being that he's a deafblind character, I want to make sure I get his story right, so I appreciate everyone being patient with me while my reader recovers.

BrewBiz were originally releasing as a serial novel on my ReamStories account, but since it's on hiatus, members have voted to replace it with the next hockey book in my Sin Bin: West Coast series- Empty Net. This will be a team owner/goalie, age gap, single-dad romance starting in a few months. Currently posting on ReamStories is Of Iron and Wings, a Greek myth retelling, MMM romance between Hephaestus, Thanatos, and Icarus. Updating on Sundays, and resuming posting from Hiatus this coming Sunday.

And I think that's all I've got for you! I hope to see some of you at the signings. I will be at Romance Con in Milwaukee in September of this year (Kiki Clark and I will be together), and then I will be at Read the Rainbow Romance in Havre de Grace, MD, Love and Romance in Toronto, Pride LitCon in Richmond, VA, and one other that hasn't been announced yet.

ETA: My paperback preorder form for all events:

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