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Q. What is your publishing schedule like?


A. I don't like to keep tight deadlines to avoid breaking them. Typically one every 6-8 weeks.


Q. Do you use Trigger or Content Warnings?


A. I do. Because of the way Amazon is with content and certain words, I've had to move my trigger/content warnings to the copyright page, so it's very important that you check there if you need them. I try to keep them as detailed as I can, and sometimes that DOES mean spoilers, but I'd rather have mild spoilers than miss something. I follow the typical "known trigger warning" rule, which means I warn for past or present, abuse, abuse recovery, violence, ableism, homophobia, and I give content warnings when/if I write BDSM so readers are aware of the type of BDSM content in the book so they are able to consent to what they're about to read.


Readers are also welcome to send me an email via the Contact Page if they have a very specific or unique trigger and want to be certain if it's in my book.


Q. Do you do sales or freebies?


A. I do occasionally run sales on my backlist, one Freebie a month on Fridays and those are announced by newsletter. I try to keep my prices accessible so there's a happy medium for everything - and as always, my books remain in KU.


Q. What happened to the On The Market Series?


A. On The Market has been unpublished for good, except the audio which is still under contract. All five books of On The Market are in the process of being re-written to remove them completely from the shared Cherry Creek universe. They are undergoing massive re-writes including character names, location, side characters, and in some cases, relationships and plots. They will be available on Amazon listed under the new series Running in Circles.


Q. What happened to the Magnum Opus shorts stories? They're still listed on Amazon and Goodreads but I can't find them.


A. They are currently only available in the collected Magnum Opus works book: Fortissimo.


Q. Will you be realising bonus content for your complete series sets on their own?


A. I don't plan to release them separate because they were created as bonus for that particular publication. There are specific rules on Amazon about bonus content.


Q. How many more Irons and Works books will there be?


A. Irons and Works has moved to Key Largo and there will be at least six more books planned releasing between  2023, 2024 and 2025.


Q. Can I send you a DM?


A. Unfortunately due to the amount of messages I receive, I no longer accept DMs. However if the question is pressing, I can be reached through the Contact form on this website.

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