Malicious Compliance EM Lindsey







My life is good. I work from home, I answer to no one, and I pay my rent on time. In short, things are peaceful and solitary—exactly the way I like them. Yes, my apartment might be a dump with paper-thin walls and plumbing issues, but it’s mine all the same.

And then he moves in.

I didn’t ask for this new neighbor with all his furniture rearranging and obnoxious cello playing at all hours of the night. Who cares that he’s ridiculously hot and always has a smile on? That doesn’t mean he should get away with disturbing my peace.

All I want is for him to move out, but my landlord—who also happens to be my obnoxious older brother—tells me I have to play nice.

I suppose I can try. After all, there’s nothing wrong with a little malicious compliance.

Malicious Compliance is the first in a romantic MM duet featuring enemy neighbors to lovers, high heat, low angst, a stray cat who refuses to leave, a series of bad dates, and the steamiest of happily ever afters.