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Words We Never Said: Mini Blurb and Trope Reveal

The mini blurb is already on amazon, but since I just finished Knowing You, I wanted to share the trope reveal for book 2, which is going to be my next WIP and will be coming out a little over 6 weeks after book one.

I'm SO EXCITED to write these two. It's going to be a high heat, enemies to lovers, workplace rivalry sort of romance which I can't get enough of.

Frey is a tired, lonely single dad taking care of his amazing son, and Renato is a grumpy, overly cautious surgeon who gave love a chance only once, and it ended in nothing but emptiness and grief. They've both been single for too long, but something about Frey has crawled under Renato's skin and he doesn't like it.

Or...maybe he likes it TOO much.

You can preorder it now <3 (release date will change) Coming May 23rd

“Do you think I can go to jail for cutting holes in all the toes of my boss’s socks? Because that’s where I’m at in life.”

Frey’s a single dad, a nurse, and ready to wage war against the arrogant surgeon with the sexy accent he keeps getting paired up with. And while there might be more to Dr. Renato Agosti, Frey isn’t sure he wants to feel anything but hatred for the man who said his biggest accomplishment was that he never met a resident he couldn’t make cry.

Resisting You is the second book in the single dad's series, Words We Never Said. It contains Enemies to lovers, high heat, romantic comedy, boss/employee, grumpy/sunshine, age gap, and hurt comfort.

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