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WIP Wednesday (and a KU Announcement)

Happy Wednesday, everyone.

I'm excited to announce that one (lol) of my WIPs this month is Age of Wolves, the fourth and final book in the Beast of Burden series. For those unfamiliar, it's a Dystopian Shifter action/romance series set in a world post war where Werewolves have become second class citizens.

And in this series, Wolves are ready to embrace their power and take their place back in society.

Here's an extended teaser of the fourth and final book, and please be sure to read the KU announcement after.

I was tired of smelling blood on my mate.  I was tired of sitting beside a hospital bed in fear that he wouldn’t wake up.  The entire reason we fled the city I had worked hard to create was to protect him.  And yet, here we were once again. 

The only saving grace of the situation was the fact that neither one of us were afraid that Misha would start to shift and be destroyed from the inside out.  He was human.  He was Omega, but he was human.  And he was mine.

I was fairly sure he was still alive on spite alone, however, because his throat had been all-but torn out when Lior managed to track us down.  At first, I thought it might be a leak, but only four other people knew where we were, and I trusted them with my life.


The fact that he could speak at all was a miracle, and one I wasn’t going to squander.  We would have made it work.  We would have survived it if he’d been silenced, but life would have been infinitely more complicated if I didn’t have access to his voice.

When he was first recovering, we’d gotten by with him sketching letters into my palm, but we both grew weary and came up with small hand signals and taps to communicate basic thoughts.  But after three weeks, he was able to make sounds.

And by all the gods, I wanted to kiss him.

“Stop making that face,” he rasped.

“What face?”

“The one where you either want to hit something or take a massive shit.”


For those unfamiliar, you can start with Love and War, Beast of Burden book one. It's currently available wide, but these books will be back in KU next month to prepare for the release of the final book which is likely coming late this summer.

As an Alpha of the First War, the only thing I had ever known was battle.

Captured, bound, and unable to see, I wasn't the sort of Alpha to give up without a fight. Escape turned out to be the easy part, but coping with everything else threatened to drop me to my knees.

Learning that my injuries were permanent made me question my abilities as an Alpha, but when my Wolf wanted to bond with the human who had been brought in along with me, I started to question my sanity. Never mind that I had no time for a mate, there was no way the resistance would follow a blind Alpha with a human as his bonded.

Still, they had little choice. More of our people were going missing every day, and it was starting to look like the corruption was going all the way to the top.

Love and War is the first book in a Dystopian MM Werewolf trilogy featuring A/B/O hierarchy with no m-preg, mild violence, and a happily ever after. Beast of Burden books are not stand-alone and should be read in order.


In other KU news, the Running in Circles series is leaving KU starting at the very end of this month, so if you haven't grabbed those yet, now's your chance!

Have a happy Wednesday!


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