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WIP Wednesday (with an update)

I'm here for a little WIP Wednesday, and my current work in progress happens to the The Carnal Tower book three- Taste of Greed.

Before we get into that, I wanted answer a question I've gotten a few times in the past week:

Will Nothing To Lose continue: easy answer- Yes. However, due to several health issues that happened all in a row between October and November, I fell behind on the work for my amazon preorders (which take priority), and I wasn't able to finish the last couple chapters of NTL the way I planned. I'm getting to them now, but it will be on pause until they're finished, and as soon as I have a solid date, I will let everyone know.

I hope that helps and don't worry, I fully plan on making sure these two get their HEA!

Now on to the good stuff! Don't read ahead if you don't like spoilers, but here's some quick info for you about what to expect from Hen and King's book!

✨ Pining...SO MUCH pining

✨ Friends to lovers

✨ Hot cocoa kisses

✨ burlesque dancing

✨ Soft giant man learning to be loved

✨ Massive size difference

And if that intrigues you enough to get a quick glimpse, read below.

(And if you want more, you can check out my Patreon. All tiers $5 and up get the first chapter free, and all tiers $20 and up get to read the book as I write it!)

Taste of Greed

Sneak Peek

© EM Lindsey 2022

“Honey, you okay?”

King blinked and realized he’d gone very stiff and silent for probably too long. He rolled his shoulders, then let out a heavy sigh to try and shake himself out of his thoughts. “Yeah.”

Hen frowned, then turned and just before King thought he was going to get up, he laid his head on King’s chest and took a deep breath. King couldn’t stop himself from wrapping his arms around Hen tightly and holding him, and against his pec, he felt the curve of Hen’s smile.

“Can I stay here all night?”

For as long as you want. Forever. “Yeah,” was what he managed to get out.

Hen just laughed again and squeezed him a bit tighter.

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