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Teaser Tuesday

An extended, NSFW teaser for Instant Regret, which you can preorder now on Amazon.

The extended written teaser contains a small spoiler for book one: Malicious Compliance. Please read at your own risk.

Instant Regret

Sneak Peek

©2022 E.M. Lindsey

“Let’s get inside,” I told him, pulling away without kissing him because if I started now, I’d never stop. Then we’d get arrested for fucking in the hotel hallway.

He took my hand instead of having me take his arm as he led the way down the short hall. The room opened with a click, just like every other hotel, but instead of my feet meeting carpet, the floors were wood. I tapped my cane, and the echoes told me it was huge. I rarely stayed in hotels, so it was all new, and as much as I knew it would be wise to explore, I couldn’t wait any longer.

“Get us to the bed,” I growled, dropping my cane against the wall. “We need to get naked, and I need at least three orgasms before taking a tour.”

“Shit,” he said. His fingers shook in mine, but he got me across the floor and through a doorway. My elbow clipped the frame and sent a shock through me, but it faded against the heat of my need for Jules.

Turning my head left and right, I saw sparks of light coming from somewhere, but it didn’t really matter. My knees hit the mattress, and I reached out to touch it so I could tell the height, then I grabbed him. My fingers tangled in his shirt, and I pulled and pulled until he fell, and then he was on top of me, one hand on either side of my head.

He leaned in, nuzzling my nose with his. “Hi.”

“Still looking?”

He laughed, then his lips grazed my cheek—gently parted on a breath of warm air. He dragged them over my flushed skin until our mouths pressed together. My tongue dipped in to taste his—sweeter than before, wetter, hotter. He urged my lips wider, tongues tangling together, a battle neither of us was interested in winning or losing.

I realized in that moment I could do this for the rest of my life and never get tired.

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