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On the Market Update (Originally Posted to Patreon and Facebook)

Updated: May 8, 2023

Big Announcement!!

As of March 1st, all five books of On The Market have left Amazon. The books are going through massive (and I mean massive) re-writes, title changes, series change, covers, and in several cases, character name changes as well.

The series, now called Running in Circles, is being re-written to remove it from the "Cherry Creek" universe. In order to completely disengage from any other bodies of work that are currently published, that also means any cross-over characters, plots, businesses, etc from other books not written by me are being removed, and several main character names will be changed. (Specifically Simon, Rocco, Parker, Ronan, and Lorenzo) along with almost all the side characters.

For me, this is a good thing. I'm really excited to rewrite these books with changes that I wanted to and should have made right from the beginning. I'm working with a FABULOUS cover artist who just gave me the first two book covers as you can see in the image above.

Now because I know some people will have questions, I want to answer the most common.

Are their stories changing: The answer to that is mostly no. Some of their names have changed and some of their jobs, and they're all living in Savannah, GA now, but the heart of their love story remains the same, along with most of the text.

One big caveat to that- The former Love Him Wild which is now Forged and Frayed. This book will be almost an entire re-write, and the character of Jonas no longer exists. Jonas was not a character I originally wanted to write, and in fact there's a 40k word version of that book which had a love story I had wanted to publish, and I will be going back to that idea. The relationship between Aksel (formerly Parker) and Roman (formerly Ronan) is also getting a re-write to be the love story they should have had. It's still MMM, but instead of Jonas, they will find they're happily ever after with Knox (Birdie, who is still grey aromantic). I wanted to let everyone know ahead of time what to expect from this book. I am honestly THRILLED to be able to do this re-write as I was never happy with the story I published, and it's not often that authors get a do-over like this. I hope you all like the new version. (side-note, this also means that Birdie will not be in the fifth book in the same capacity- as Rafael's casual hook-up.)

Will they still be connected to Irons and Works/Breaking The Rules: Yes, they will. Antoine still exists and he's still Marcel's twin brother. And, as a matter of fact, you will see more cross-overs in the new Irons and Works Key Largo books coming up.

If I want the new editions will I need to repurchase the books: Yes, though they will also be on KU to read for free. Amazon has very strict rules about second editions and because far more than a small percentage of the books is changing, including the titles and series name, this will be a brand new listing with a new AISN/ISBN. You don't need to purchase new books if you have the older ones, as the heart of the story is the same, but if you'd like the new books, you will need to download the new editions as the old files will not be updating through Amazon.

When will they be releasing: I will be releasing them to Amazon/KU throughout 2023 as the books get re-written and edited. Books one and two are finished, but book three is a major project so it will take some time to get finished. I'm hoping to start releasing them this spring.

Will the audio change: It will not. I'm on a contract with the narrator and audible so the audio will remain the older versions and they will be unlinked from the new books and sold seperately. I don't currently have plans to re-record but that's not to say I won't in the future.

Can I get a copy of the old On The Market Books: Unfortunately, no. Now that they're being totally re-written, they are no longer available for public or private distribution.

I will be posting updates, teasers, release dates and more in the coming months as I get them ready for release, but for now, I hope this has answered some questions and I can't wait for everyone to see the new stories! <3

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