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Monday Updates

Hello friends! I've been neglecting this blog since May of last year, and there's no real excuse for it, but the good news is that my website has gotten a major refresh, as you can probably see. Pippa Silva has revamped my entire site and it looks amazing, so please feel free to check it out. My Freebies section has been updated, along with my Coming Soon page so click on over there if you want to see what's coming next.

I also wanted to invite anyone interested over to my ReamStories. There are four tiered memberships, all four gets you access to ARCs, serial novels, early teasers, and more. And for those of you who just want to follow, you'll get updates as well as one free 2k word spicy Drabble each month, so don't hesitate to join. This month is Tomás, Flint, and Luke having a little lunch, and a little....dessert. ;)

“Ask me how much I care.”

“How much do you care?” Tomás said dutifully.

Flint’s hand snaked down until it was cupping him, kneading his erection gently through his sweats.  “This much.  Race you to the bedroom?”

I'm presently working on my Single Dads romance, Knowing You, which should be finished this week, and in three days, London Fog, book two of BrewBiz is releasing into the wild. I'm so excited for everyone to read Percy and Wren's happily ever after.

My current serial novel is an MMM, Paranormal, Greek God retelling romance of a forbidden love between the God of Death, the God of the Forge, and a human who never wanted to be involved. Thanatos and Hephaestus are willing to risk it all when Icarus falls, quite literally, into their arms. Of Iron and Wings is releasing every Sunday.

When that story finishes, I will be once again working on BrewBiz. Red-Eye is next in the series, and I can't wait to write this friends to lovers romance.

I currently also have my sign and ship up, which will be my only sign and ship for this year. I'm also only attending one in-person event this year in Milwaukee, so if you like to collect book trophies like I do, lol, feel free to grab what you need before it closes March 25th.

On signing news, I unfortunately had to cancel my appearance at RARE Edinburgh, but I will be at Romance Con this September in Milwaukee! It's the first con from this organizer and it looks like it's going to be a blast and a half. I'll be with an amazing array of authors from MF rom-com to dark romance, to Paranormal and contemporary MM, and I can't wait to see everyone there.

Check out the lineup HERE, and you can grab tickets at THIS LINK. Each author has their preorders on the page, so click through and hoard away!

And that's all I have for today, friends. I'm excited to be back and I promise to update more regularly!

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