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Monday Updates

Happy Monday everyone. This is just a super quick update for you all.

I have finished the first book in the Irons and Works: Key Largo series which will be heading off for edits soon, and I'm currently working on book two. The covers and titles for those have been revealed on Patreon.

I'm also prepping Rapture and another stand-alone, Paper Swans, for release this year. Paper Swans is the expanded novel of my Heart2Heart short story featuring a best friends to lovers romance.

Also, in exciting news, I just posted the first chapter of my new serial romance Affogato, a coffee shop series that was featured in the book Nothing To Lose (which goes live on Amazon Wednesday) Affogato will be available through Patreon to all subscribers ($1-$50) and will be posting at least twice a month.

It's an age-gap, boss/employee, grumpy/sunshine romance trope with eventual high heat and plenty of angst and fluff.

Click HERE to check out the subscription tiers.

Cover by Natasha Snow


The only things Caleb needs in life are five hours of sleep a night, enough caffeine to keep him trembling through his shift, and enough profit that he doesn’t cry when he pays his accountant every month.

Such is the life of the owner of the city’s only Deaf Cafe.

But despite finally feeling successful in his career, Caleb’s love life is another story. He’s a little shy when it comes to dating after his one and only relationship ended in flames.


And the video went viral.

Resigned to his fate of being single and lonely forever, he does his best to ignore what his heart really wants: the new hire so anxious, he jumps at his own shadow.

And it doesn’t help that Bodhi is too young, too good looking, and too sweet for a man like Caleb to ever deserve him.

So why does Bodhi look at him with hearts in his eyes.

And why does that small smile on Bodhi’s face make Caleb feel brave?

Affogato is a small town romance featuring a grumpy cafe owner, a soft, anxious barista, loose tongues, red wine, back office liaisons, and a steamy happily ever after.

For those of you who don't like the serial format, Affogato will be available on Amazon sometime after its completion.

And that's all I've got for you today. Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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