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Monday Updates

It's the start to a new week, friends, and almost halfway through December which feels like a fever dream. I'm still trying to process 2020, I don't know how it's almost 2023!

My updates this week are small but exciting, and I won't keep you with some long, boring story about my long, boring life since I'm pretty much an office goblin who does very little these days.

To get started, the Scythe series is back! Kiki Clark and I have gotten to work on book two- Until His Dying Breath, which features a grumpy pirate and a confused witch who mistakes one spell for another, and has a whole disaster on his hands. You briefly got to meet both Levi and and Santiago in book one, Until His Last Goodbye, and we're so excited to bring you these two and their hard-won, heart-stopping, happily ever after.

This book is currently listed on Amazon for November, but it will likely be released way before that, so keep an eye on this blog for any date changes.

Secondly, Loose Lips Sink Ships is out in 2 days, and I'm so excited to release this duet! These two broke my heart while I was writing them, but they also put it back together again so I hope you enjoy this epic holiday romance.

Finally, I'm working on two manuscripts at the same time (wild, I know, except if you know me then you'll be like only two?)

The first book, Taste of Greed, is the third book in the Carnal Tower series and I've been DYING to write King and Hen's love story forever. It's an EPIC romance starting from friends and spiraling into timeless lovers.

The second book is called Heavy Hand and it will be the first in the Ink and Iron series which is a direct spinoff of Irons and Works. New Shop, New Men, Same Heart. Ink and Iron is a small shop in Key Largo where a group of men who never quite fit in with everyone else find both sanctuary and love.

The first book tells the story of Max, who has been working his entire life to take care of his younger brother and find out what the definition of love really means, and Jeremiah, a former storm-chaser, now restaurant owner who settled down after heartbreak and is searching for the courage to try again.

Preorders for Heavy Hand will be up in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out.

And that's all I've got for Monday!

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