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Monday Updates

Happy Monday, everyone. It's almost December which is just wild. And wilder- it's almost 2023 which I'm wholly not prepared for.

There's not much going on in December for me, but here are some quick updates for you all.

Current WIPs: I'm working on the final bits of the last book in my whychoose romance, Madly Ever After. That will be hitting the editor's desk for the trilogy's rapid release in January.

I'm also starting the third book in the Carnal Tower Series: Taste of Greed. This book will feature King, the stoic of all the sins, and the sweet receptionist/burlesque dancer Hen as he navigates his way through exploring his gender, past trauma, and whether or not falling in love is worth it.

Upcoming projects: I will be starting an Irons and Works spinoff series about the tattoo shop Ink and Iron, run by Zeke who you may remember from Snakebites. He will be joined by Linc and Ryder, plus seven brand new tattoo artists from all around the country.

The first book is set to release in April, but Zeke's story of his former enemy turned lover will be featured in the anthology, There's Only One Bed, coming this June and available on Amazon, Kobo, Apple, and soon to Barnes and Noble. The anthology is currently on preorder and we're hoping to hit the USA Today list so all preorders, especially on platforms outside of Amazon are welcome.

What's happening on Patreon: For those of you not part of my Patreon, that's where all the short stories, sneak peeks, ARCs, and early releases are happening.

December 1st will offer a spicy holiday short story to all the patrons $5 and up, featuring Jet and Taylor from Waiting on Forever. Here's a little tease:

“Is this how you were as a kid? Guilt tripping your parents into telling you about your holiday gifts?”

Jet’s cheeks go faintly pink. “Is that what you’re up to?”

“Well, it’s not a strip tease routine,” Taylor says, feeling a little put out that Jet thinks Taylor was actually up to something.

Jet goes soft and pulls Taylor back into his arms. “I love a strip tease.”

“You love stripping me,” Taylor corrects.

“Potato, po-tah-to.” Then Jet kisses the laugh from his lips.

Bonuses in December: Shades of Lust is free for three days, starting December 1st, and To Touch The Light will be free for a holiday event from December 25th to the 29th, so be sure to keep an eye out for those links in my newsletter!

That's all I have for Monday. Have a safe and happy end of November, and remember to check back tomorrow for your Teaser Tuesday- an extra long bonus from Malicious Compliance.

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