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WIP Wednesday and A Quick Update

Hello friends! Wix was down yesterday so I couldn't post my Teaser Tuesday, so you get that today along with my WIP Wednesday of Fine Line, the next book in the Irons and Works series, and the first glimpse at the new shop in Key Largo.

I also wanted to give a quick update about a few things that can't wait for next Monday.

The first is that the Irons and Works coloring book is no longer available. I have a few copies left but I've listed them as out of stock on my website because Amazon has banned it from being sold. I'm currently trying to work with IngramSpark to have them reprinted but it's very slow going.

The second is that for the time being, all of my audio production is on hold. I will give updates later this year if that changes, but for now, there won't be anything new coming out.

And that's all I have for you today.

Here are the teasers, and make sure you're signed up to my newsletter if you want the first peek at Fine Line's cover and the preorder link, coming January 25th!

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