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A gray box

"If the present world go astray;
the cause is in you;
in you it is to be sought."
-Dante Alighieri 

King doesn't speak about his past, and with good reason. Who wants waste time talking about their experience behind bars when there are sins to indulge in? King turns Greed into an art form, and his reputation for bringing people to their knees is unmatched.

While King has a protective streak a mile wide, he also keeps his distance from the other Sins, and everyone else at the Tower. After all, he can't lose anyone if he doesn't let himself get attached.

Then, King's resolve cracks when the Tower's beloved receptionist is attacked. Hen deserves better than to be kept at arm's length, and King will always live with the guilt that he wasn't fast enough to stop the events that night.

Although he'll never be good enough for his precious, glitter-wearing, lipstick loving friend, King does know one thing: he will do everything in his power to ensure nothing like that ever happens again. No matter what it takes, or who he has to hurt along the way.

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