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Cover Up, Irons and Works Key Largo EM Lindsey


Felix has a major problem. 


He’s pining.


Well, pining might not be the right word for how he feels about the absurdly hot, one-armed chef who works next door, but it’s close enough.


Felix doesn’t have high hopes for romance, though.  Not with the fact that his face blindness means every time he looks at Deimos, it’s like he’s seeing him for the first time.  After all, who would want a relationship with a man who couldn’t pick him out of a crowd?  


But that’s not his actual problem. Felix learns he needs to see his terrible family for his grammy’s funeral, and Dei has offered to go along to act like his boyfriend.


And God help him, but Felix can’t bring himself to say no. 


But hey, what’s a little emotional torture when he gets to pretend Dei is his for a little while?


When they get there, however, it seems that Dei has softer, kinder plans for Felix’s heart than to torture it—and Felix quickly learns there’s no way to cover up being in love.  Dei’s words of affection are powerful, and Felix realizes the only thing in the world he wants is to let Dei in.

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