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As a person with trauma, I have always tried to be as cautious as possible when it comes to content and trigger warnings.  My policy is that you can't be too careful.  All of my books will contain some sort of content or trigger warning.

They can all be found on either the copyright page, or the page directly after in an author's note or forward.  All of these warnings are accessible through the kindle Look Inside feature to allow you to make the best decision for yourself before downloading or purchasing my books.

I view standard triggers as some of the following: abuse, non-consensual or dubious consent in relationships, abuse recovery, death on or off page of main or side characters, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, narcissistic characters, illness, and violence.

I view content warnings as something that a person might not be comfortable reading, but is not necessarily a trigger which include: sex work, BDSM, D/s dynamics, open relationships, and dark romance.

Things I will not give warnings for as they do not qualify for trigger or content warnings in my personal opinion: any spectrum of a queer relationship including MM, FF, Polyamory, the asexual spectrum, the aromantic spectrum, as well as disability, the disabled experience, and the chronic illness experience.  Most of these things will be obvious from the book's blurb.

It's likely I have missed a few things but I do my best to be very thorough.

I also recognize that these are just some of the more common warnings that are listed in books, and that people can have very specific traumas and triggers.  Therefore anyone is welcome to use the contact form on this website to send a message with any specific trigger request, and myself or my social media PA, Bailey, will get back to anyone as quickly as possible. 
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