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Wren knows who he is and what he wants from life. And while he’ll happily adjust to change, he knows damn well he doesn’t have room for anything complicated.  And then Percy shows up fresh from the UK, and Wren’s life turns upside down because while Percy is obscenely good looking…

He's also hearing.

And a total mess without any real sense of direction.

But Wren never denies himself what he wants, so a one-night-stand is definitely in the cards.

If only it ended there.

Ignoring what’s right in front of him is Wren’s favorite move, so when Percy asks Wren to tutor him outside of his ASL classes, Wren agrees.  Never mind that Percy is the first person who has ever made Wren feel like a single night wasn’t enough.

Never mind the disaster he can see looming on the horizon.

And never mind that when Percy starts showing signs that he wants Wren for more than just a fling, he’s finding it harder and harder to say no.

London Fog is the second book in the BrewBiz series. It's a one-night-stand, friends to lovers romance featuring terrible cookie decorations, dad jokes, disasters in babysitting, praise kink, slow burn into love, and the most sastifying happily ever after.

Content Warnings:  This book will contain mentions of childhood neglect, audism, ableism, casual ableist language (i.e. dumb, stupid), mentions of homophobia, mentions of past narcissistic abuse from a partner, and trauma recovery.

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