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Book Updates

Happy Tuesday, everyone.

I have made some updates to my catalogue and I wanted to let you all know about them as well as drop some links for you.

For those of you who hadn't seen it, I had previously released a series called Carpe Noctem, a dystopian werewolf romance written under the pen name Ariel Millar. After making some changes, I re-titled the series and books, and am releasing them now under E.M. Lindsey.

The series, now Beast of Burden, will be releasing wide, which means it won't be available in Kindle Unlimited. This allows these books to be not only on multiple platforms, but also in libraries for people who can't afford KU subscriptions.

They're currently live on several platforms and on preorder right now to release March 20th on Amazon. These amazing covers were done by Natasha Snow.

On that note, four more books have left or will be leaving Kindle Unlimited. The Love Beyond Measure Series (The Edge of Heaven and Love In Slow Motion) will be leaving at the end of March. Like Water Catching Fire and The Other Side of Here are also now available on most ebook platforms.

On the flip side, Baum's Boxing is now back in Kindle Unlimited for the time being, with some new, delicious covers done by FuriousFotog. The links to these books are below.

I hope you all have an amazing week, and check back soon for updates!

Beast of Burden:

Stand Alones

Baum's Boxing

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