Q. What is your publishing schedule like?

A. I don't like to keep tight deadlines to avoid breaking them.  Typically one every 6-8 weeks.

Q. Do you do sales or freebies?

A. I do occasionally run sales on my backlist, one Freebie a month on Fridays and those are announced by newsletter.  I try to keep my prices accessible so there's a happy medium for everything--and as always, my books remain in KU.

Q.  Is there a story for Owen from On The Market.

A.  Yes, there is.  It’s titled Love Them Always, and consequently it’s also the story for Wes-- Elliot’s brother from Forsaken.  You can find it HERE on my website under Freebies.



Q.  What happened to the Magnum Opus shorts stories?  They’re still listed on amazon and goodreads but I can’t find them.


A.  I have removed them for now because after the release of Staccato and the third book (title or cover not yet released) I will be putting out a compilation of short stories in that universe, and the two previously released novellas will be a part of that.  I expect that to happen sometime in 2022, but I will keep everyone posted.  The short stories will feature the main characters from the novels, along with some side-characters that deserve their HEA.



Q.  Does Omni: Lesser Things have more books in the series?  Are you going to make it available again?



A.  For now, no.  I had a plan to finish the series this year, but unfortunately those books have been a massive struggle for me.  They’re far outside of my typical wheelhouse when it comes to writing, and I’m trying to figure out a way to keep the story in line with the series, but still keep it me, and every time I sit down to write the next book, it stalls out.  That’s the curse of the writer.  I could easily force a book out, but it would not be up to my standards and I really don’t want to release books that aren’t up to my standards.


I haven’t put it up for sale again because I don’t want people to finish the book with the expectation that there will be more to read in the near future.  One thing I hate is an unfinished series, but since I can’t promise when, for now, it’s better this way.



Q.  What happened to _____ older book.  I’ve seen it on goodreads but it’s not on amazon.



A.  Some of my older books and short novels are going through a re-vamp.  I don’t know when I will be releasing them because newer projects have higher priority, but I do hope to release them again sometime soon.



Q.  I’ve seen you called she/her in older posts in this your FB group.  Why are your pronouns They/Them now?



A.  It took me a while to feel comfortable coming out--and even now it’s a struggle in my personal life.  But I decided this year that I’m ready.  So my pronouns are they/them, I am agender.  I haven’t gotten round to editing old posts is the simple fact of the matter.  This group is very old and I just don’t have the spoons.



Q.  Will you be releasing bonus content for your complete series sets on their own?



A.  I don’t plan to release them separate because they were created as bonus for that particular publication.  There are very specific rules on amazon about bonus content.



Q.  Will you be writing any more in Baum’s Boxing?



A.  Yes, I plan to release a collected works with five bonus stories including one for each main couple, and then two for a couple of side-characters.


Q.  Can I send you a DM?

A. Unfortunately due to the amount of messages I receive, I no longer accept DMs.  However if the question is pressing, I can be reached through the comment form on this website.