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Starting on September 22nd, I'll be posting a serial romance once a week. This book will post one chapter every week, available only through my newsletter, and I'm so excited to share this with you.


Nothing Ordinary is the prequel of a yet unannounced series I will be releasing in 2022. So if you love enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, high heat, low angst, and sports romance, this is for you.

Ezra Mandel is many things:


A culinary genius.

A first-time teacher.

An anxious mess.

And helplessly attracted to the rudest, most grumpy man he has ever had the misfortune of meeting.


Ezra knows his first semester ever teaching at a private school is going to be a disaster. What he doesn’t expect is to get into a strange, gift-giving rivalry with the volleyball coach who can’t stand him. But the more he gets to know Gabriel Bassani, the more he starts to realize his pain is a lot deeper than the surface of his skin.


And Gabriel is a complicated man. He’s lived in the shadow of his celebrity brother for most of his life, his past relationships have all been a disaster, and he’s long-since stopped believing in love. But Ezra—persistent, beautiful, irritating Ezra—is the kind of man who refuses to give up, and Gabriel isn’t sure if he wants to beg him to stop, or beg him to keep going.


Whatever they have isn’t ordinary, but then again, ordinary isn’t something either of them has ever wanted.


Nothing Ordinary is a low-angst, slow burn, enemies to lovers romance featuring a nervous sunshine culinary professor in his first year of teaching, a grumpy ex baseball player with a chip on his shoulder the size of Wrigley Field, a gaggle of students who enjoy making bets on the teacher’s lives, and a happily ever after that just might feel like a world breaking home run.

Exclusive Sneak peek!


Nothing Ordinary

 EM Lindsey


This text is not for duplication, publication, or sharing outside of this website. Violators will be prosecuted to the full extend of the law.



Chapter One Excerpt


Ezra went about searching the cupboards for sugar and creamer.  Turning up nothing, he ran fingers into his hair and scanned the room, then jumped a little as the door opened.


For a moment, he couldn’t breathe as one of the hottest men he had ever seen walked in.


The man was tall, thick, his polo shirt straining against his pecs.  He wasn’t overly muscular, but his arms were defined, tattoos on his biceps which strangelycomplimented the look on his face that was somewhere between a sneer and surprise.  His dark hair was combed back, but a lock fell over his forehead in a gentle curl, and it matched the exact shade of short beard which covered his cheeks, lip, and chin.


For a moment, they just stared at each other, and Ezra wondered if he’d ever find the ability to speak again.


He cleared his throat.  “Hi.  Do you ah…happen to know where the sugar and creamer are?”


The man blinked then crossed his arms which made the ID on his lanyard tug down along his sternum, further defining his pecs.  It was obscene.  “You’re not supposed to be in here.”


“No I uh…I mean, yeah I know,” Ezra stammered.  “But I was told it was okay, and I…”


“You’re new?” he barked.


Ezra took a step back.  “First day.  I just needed some coffee.”


The man scoffed and rolled his eyes.  “Has anyone ever told you that will stunt your growth?”


“What?” Ezra challenged, feeling a curl of confidence along his spine because he was really fucking sick of people talking to him like he was twelve.  “Fake sciencewill stunt my growth?”


The man’s eyes narrowed.  “This is a teacher’s lounge.  The sign and the lock on the door should have been your first indication that this isn’t a place for studentsto hang out.  No matter how much you think you need coffee.”


Ezra spluttered and took a step back out of shock.  “I’m not a student.”


“I’ve heard that one before,” the man said.  "Try again."


“Jesus, I'm not lying.  I’m the new,” Ezra began, but his words were cut off whenthe door opened and Kaila walked back in.  She was humming to herself, but shecame to an abrupt halt, and her eyes darted between Ezra and the taller man.


“Oh, for fuck’s sake, G.  Please don’t scare off the new guy.”


He did not look like the kind of man who would have the nickname G.  He let outa soft grunt and didn’t appear apologetic at all as he dropped his hands, revealing his badge.  Ezra wasn’t wearing his glasses, but his vision was still decent enough to read the name Gabriel Bassani in bold, black letters.


“This is Ezra Mandel.  Foods,” Kaila said.


Ezra cleared his throat.  “Culinary,” he attempted to correct, but his voice came out small and timid like it always did.


Gabriel’s lip curled up, making him look meaner.  “Student teachers…”


“Full time teacher,” Kaila said with a wave of her hand.  She turned back to Ezra. “Did you get your coffee?”


He cleared his throat again, but it didn’t help.  “Almost.  I was looking for creamer and sugar, but this guy decided to give me shit about being a student.”

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Nothing Ordinary EM Lindsey